Lindsey Kelk ‘I Heart London’ Launch

Author Attic’s Stacy Dennis attended a Book Launch in London to meet author of the ‘I Heart’ series, Lindsey Kelk. She had a wonderful day and wanted to share her experience with you all on the Author Attic blog.
Last month I was lucky enough to get tickets to an intimate book launch for Lindsey Kelk’s “I Heart London” from the chick lit famous I Heart series. “I Heart London” is the latest crazy adventure for the ever so relatable and fabulous Angela Clark. Back on her home grounds it is finally time to deal with everything she once left behind, a cheating fiancé, no job prospects and her friends. Since she left for New York everything has changed, for instance her best friend is about to have her first baby, her ex fiance’s new relationship is falling apart and how will she cope without her loving boyfriend Alex and best friend Jenny by her side?

Of course we all can’t just jump on a plane to the other side of the world to try to find ourselves, but it’s fine because Angela Clark does just that for us.

When I booked the tickets I was excited to finally meet the woman who I felt was writing my life. Lindsey Kelk managed to create a fictional character who shares the same insecurities of every woman, when it comes to her hair, career and love and takes her on a life changing adventure to New York. Of course we all can’t just jump on a plane to the other side of the world to try to find ourselves, but it’s fine because Angela Clark does just that for us.

Colourful cupcakes
Beautiful Cupcakes

I was informed about the book event through Lindsey Kelk’s twitter. I immediately clicked the link to book tickets with a promise of dazzling cupcakes and champagne. Tickets were £10 each and the event was held in the Marie Claire building in Central London. When arriving we were all assigned badges and taken up to the event, exiting the elevator we were greeted by a huge stand of the front cover. There is something very special about the I Heart book covers; they are always feminine, pretty and fun. I first purchased I Heart New York based solely on the front cover; it was just too pretty to be ignored. As promised we were given a glass of champagne and offered the crazy coloured cupcakes. The cupcakes were in various fun colours and looked like they belonged in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

After our cake break we were taken to a theatre room full of plush red sofas and gift bags. The gift bag consisted of fun I Heart London flags in celebration of the Queens Jubilee, a copy of I Heart London, lotions, a I Heart London oyster card holder (very handy indeed) and an exclusive electric blue nail varnish created for the event by Nails inc.

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk
I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk (Published by Harper, 2012)

As we took our seats Lindsey Kelk began to read a passage from her new book. She admitted she was quite nervous to read aloud and be questioned by us. After she finished reading we were allowed to start asking questions, many people asked the usual types, what are your inspirations? How often do you write? How did you get into writing? I was interested in her answers but more so how she answered the questions. I liked that she was nervous and made a lot of jokes about everything and anything. She discussed her writing processes which seemed to consist of her sitting in pyjamas all day tied to her laptop. She said she created the story concept of running away from her life because she was unhappy in her own. She opened up about her past relationships and what made her feel the need to write a book about escaping, before I knew it I felt like I was at a girly sleepover. At one point to prove a point about a horrendous date she had, she pulled out her mobile and read a text conversation between her and a friend who was begging her to get her out of a blind date!

I was thinking; what do I say to the woman who has created a fictional character that provides me with joy, confidence and inspiration?

The only answered question that brought me sadness was when Lindsey admitted she didn’t enjoy writing the books as much as she used to. She expressed her fears about releasing a new book and the immense pressure she felt for it to be a success. She explained that she used to write about what she wanted in her own free time and now it was all meeting deadlines and worry. It made me sad to think she wasn’t enjoying her own work as much as the 75 women sitting opposite her in awe of her every word, but this honest revelation heightened my respect for her as a writer.

Book signing…

Lindsey Kelk Book Signing
Book Signing

Before leaving we were told we could queue and get our copies of I heart London signed. Standing in the queue I was nervous with a stomach full of butterflies. It was at this point I was thinking what do I say to the woman who has created a fictional character that provides me with joy, confidence and inspiration. Then I was next. She asked my name I replied, “Stacy”. She began to write it before asking if it was with an e or not, I honestly wouldn’t have minded what she wrote. Seriously, she could have made it out to Frank and I really wouldn’t have batted an eye lid.  (If you want to see the biggest set of fan girl book eyes just check out my Twitter page). I left happily knowing Lindsey Kelk was everything I was hoping her to be, warm, relatable, witty and she had amazing hair! Every character I was absorbed  by I learnt had glimmers of her fun personality. If you haven’t picked up the I Heart series set then it’s an absolute must! The stories are a fun fantasy with entertaining characters you just want to read more and more about. Lindsey Kelk is flying the flag for outstanding chick lit. I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood, I Heart Paris, I Heart Vegas and I Heart London are all available in Paperback and e-book.

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  1. Lovely article, ive been following I heart london for a couple of weeks. so glad its out 🙂

  2. Reading this it makes me want to go buy the book now.
    It’s very well written and not only witty and funny but also informative.
    I love how you write and I read it like I know you and I’m actually talking to you face to face as apposed to reading a normal boring review from other people.
    I’ll definitely be buying the book now, thanks for writing a great review

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