More Morello Letters Kevin The Warthog

Duncan McNair is a lawyer by day, author by night and exhausted by morning. He lives in suburban Ealing, London coincidentally with the Italian Morello Family who are prodigious letter writers. This unique idea has created a hilarious collection of correspondence between them and superstars, companies, institutes and celebrities. The Morello family consists of Mr and Mrs Morello, their three idling children and a whole pen full of menageries which live in their back garden. The book showcases witty letters written to and from the Arch bishop of Canterbury, Gordon Brown, Cliff Richard, Sainsbury’s and Cadbury’s to name but a few.

Discover the Morello way of life and meet the family by visiting where you can learn all about Mr and Mrs Morello, Kevin the Warthog, Enoch the goat, Rizo, Amphora and Tosti.

We had superb fun interviewing Duncan and it was a pleasure to meet his cat called chicken and his many other pets which you can see in the video!

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