Jodi Picoult’s Debut YA Novel

Have you ever read a book and fallen utterly head over heels in love with the protagonist? If like me you answered yes, then this new release by Jodi Picoult is perfect for you!

This July is the release of Jodi Picoult’s new novel, “Between the Lines”, co- written with her teenage daughter Samantha Van Leer. Jodi Picoult for the first time has moved out of her comfort zone, moving away from hard-hitting family and friendship, heartbreaking emotional dramas to attempting something different and new, a young adult novel. “Between the Lines”is a magical fairytale about Delilah, a young girl obsessed with her favourite fairytale, having always been a loner she finds comfort within her reading and favourite tale. But one day her Prince charming from beyond the pages speaks to her and pleads to help set him free. Could this finally be Delilah’s chance for a perfect happy ending?

It was Samantha Van Leer that pitched the idea to her Mother, Jodi describes her Daughter to having a wild imagination in the “A Note from Jodi Picoult” chapter. So it comes as no surprise the story is set in a mystical world full of enchanting creatures and characters.

What if the characters in a book had lives of their own after the cover was closed? What if the act of reading was just these characters performing a play, over and over… but those characters still had dreams, hopes, wishes, and aspirations beyond the roles they acted out on a daily basis for the reader? And what if one of those characters desperately wanted to get out of this book? Better yet, what if one of his readers fell in love with him and decided to help? – Samantha Van Leer

The language of the book is well-balanced with Deliah’s teenage behaviour and speech sounding authentic, whilst the story structure and language reads true to Jodi’s style. Jodi Picoult manages to balance the humour, magical elements and a story of hope and romance very effectively.  The story reads as a tender tale, many parents will get enjoyment reading the story to their children until they are able to read it again and again for themselves. “Between the Lines” is truly a family favourite.

The front cover of the book reads as a beautiful tale, the pale yellow and lavender, colour scheme with gold details truly sparkles and shines on the book shelf. My favourite element of the book is the exquisite illustrations throughout. The book is filled with a mix of edgy modern day drawings and whimsical old fashioned illustrations. This book is definitely beneficial to purchase in hardback just to appreciate the magnificent art pieces. When reading the story I couldn’t wait to see what colourful and enchanting image would await on the next page. I really liked all the small yet unique and feminine details used, especially the lavender and green font with the changing character perspectives. The story even begins with “Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a brave king and a beautiful queen” so prepare for a whirlwind adventure because it reads truly magical. Read an excerpt on,

Between the Lines is available in hardback and e-book on Amazon and here is the blurb:

Delilah knows it’s weird, but she can’t stop reading her favourite fairy tale. Other girls her age are dating and cheerleading. But then, other girls are popular. She loves the comfort of the happy ending, and knowing there will be no surprises. Until she gets the biggest surprise of all, when Prince Oliver looks out from the page and speaks to her. Now Delilah must decide: will she do as Oliver asks, and help him to break out of the book? Or is this her chance to escape into happily ever after?

Read between the lines for total enchantment.