Author Interview: Misty Provencher

Misty Provencher has dark hair, blue eyes and computer keys.  She writes young adult books and will be publishing more of them very soon!

Q. For those people who haven’t yet read the first chapters of your book on your blog ‘Nothing can happen today’ (for free!), could you explain what your novel ‘Cornerstone’ is all about? 
Cornerstone is the story of Nalena Maxwell, a girl who’s been nicknamed ‘The Waste’ due to her mom’s problem with hoarding paper.  Nalena’s also been giving a sign which is an invitation into an ancient community that her mother’s kept secret from her.  But Nalena’s sign is the wrong one.  And then there is a boy, one with eyes as open as the sky, that knows just how right Nalena’s sign might be.

Cornerstone by Misty Provencher
Cornerstone by Misty Provencher (Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011)

Q. Why did you decide to write for the YA genre and what kind of response have you received from this audience? 
I love the freedom of YA.  There is so much drama and rattle-trap emotions going on- I mean, everything means something when you’re a teenager.  What better playground can you ask for as a writer?  And the response to Cornerstone has been incredible.  I did a reading at a local high school and was bombarded with requests for the book, but the challenge for a self-published YA book is usually just trying to get the material to your intended audience.   I’m not on the shelves at their local Barnes & Noble store and most teens don’t have ereaders.  Luckily, I’ve had a great audience of parents and relatives that have read my book and enjoy it enough to buy it for their teens.

Q. Which character did you resonate with most?
Oh man…that’s like asking which of my kids is my favourite.  There’s really no way to choose.  I love Nalena for her ability to accept what is in front of her and just deal with it.  I love Garrett because he’s down-to-Earth and cheezwhiz, he’s easy on the eyes.  Who doesn’t love the Addo in his sweats or the Reese kids, with their screwy ponytails and Hacky Sacks, bouncing off Nalena’s face?  Everyone in the story gives me a bang- even Roger, with his messy past.

Q. Having taken a different route to publishing your book what advice do you have for budding writers wanting to see their ideas in print and read by all? 
Hmmm….do what feels right and try not to criticize others for what they’re doing.  I’ve been on both sides of the fence. There were times when I rode a little too high on my horse being an “I’ll Only Ever Go Traditional” snob and then there were times I wanted to blast the other high-horse-riders out of their saddles for looking down their noses at the self-published authors.  I’m at the point now of breaking a new trail for myself.  I’m just following my gut.  The way I see it, both veins of publication have strengths and, seriously kids, what does it matter how we get into the hands of our readers as long as we get there?

I’d rather get hit by a hundred Kindle books than a hundred real ones, you know?

Q. You use many social media platforms such as Twitter and Blogspot. What is your view on the relationship between Social Media and book publishing? 
It is tres important.  I’m reaching people in all sorts of countries, across the world. Little ol’ me.  I’m just a chick with a book, a blog, and a big mouth on Twitter.  Having readers all over the world is pretty dang cool in my book.  Haha- see what I did there?  And that wasn’t even intentional.  🙂

Q. What would you say has been the highlight of your writing career so far? 
Hands down, just writing Cornerstone. I had a blast just writing the book and even if I wasn’t successful in launching myself through the Traditional Publishing pipe system, I still got some good input and made friends with people who would’ve never even heard my name otherwise.

Q. There is an ongoing war in the world at the moment and it is between our old friend ‘book’ and a new friend ‘kindle’ – which side are you on? 
It’s kinda crazy that I don’t have ancestors in Switzerland, because that’s often where I stand on things.  I mean, hey, I love me some books- the feel, the smell, the physical ownership.  Some books I just have to own and set on my shelf and know that I can touch them whenever I want.  I can give them to friends, I can write love notes in their margins.  My favourite books have creases on the spines that are like road maps to their very best scenes.  But then, I love my Ereader too, because I can stuff a hundred books on it, throw it in my bag, and me and my hundy can go wherever we want.   It’s also nice to lie in bed with an E and not have to flip from side to side.   And if it falls off my shelf, well, I’d rather get hit by a hundred Kindle books than a hundred real ones, you know?

Q. What have ‘Cornerstone’ fans got to look forward to in the near future?
They’ve got Keystone coming up soon, so there’s that.  My cover artist is working on a cover as we speak and I’m cranking through revisions on the manuscript.  Once Keystone is out the door, I’m going to shift gears and work on a dark YA I’ve got that I have been itching to be finish.  Then, I’ll work on the third book in the Cornerstone series and then I’ve got another story that is laid out and standing in line to be inked. Watch this space!

Thanks Misty!

Read the first five chapters by visiting Misty’s blog

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