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You’re never too young to have a favourite book. Introduce your 0-2 year old to the joy of reading with my top ten best baby books that are a pleasure for parents to read as well as bags of fun for your little one.


The Odd Egg

Author: Emily GravettPages: 32Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readersthumbnail


When duck finds an egg, he thinks it is the most beautiful he has ever seen, even though all of the other birds think it is unusual. Duck looks after it and it takes a long time to hatch, which keeps everyone guessing until the very end when the surprise is revealed.    The width of the pages increases as the story progresses which is a quirky touch and the watercolour illustrations are especially enchanting. Gravett is a relatively new children’s author to keep an eye out for, as I’m sure she will write many more books that will need to be included in this best baby books list.


Row Row Row Your Boat

Author: Annie KublerPages: 12Publisher: Childs Play Intl Ltdthumbnail

The classic nursery rhyme is told through charming and colourful illustrations, which encourages children to sing along over and over again. The board book is a good size for little hands to grab onto and the print is big enough so that they can read along when they’re a bit older too.


The Bedtime Bear

Author: Ian Whybrow, Axel SchefflerPages: 9Publisher: Books Are Funthumbnail


Expect this pop up book to get bruised and battered as children will love the flaps to lift up and tabs to turn. The illustrations are wacky and the nonsense rhymes will appeal to parents and babies sense of fun. Meet characters such as the tickelmetoo monkey, the lizard in a blizzard and the bear looking for a great big hug! This is perhaps too exciting for bedtime reading, despite the title.



Author: Janet Ahlberg, Allan AhlbergPages: 34Publisher: Puffinthumbnail

Another hit book by the Ahlbergs, Peepo is set in the 1940s and describes a baby’s routine and surroundings from his point of view. The period design is a unique concept for children’s books nowadays and there is great attention to detail in the illustrations and originality in the rhymes. Babies will enjoy the repetition and the little peepholes which offer a sneak peek into the next page. I’m still not entirely sure what ‘Peepo!’ means though!


Baby Touch Colours

Author: Fiona LandPages: 10Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltdthumbnail

Another wonderful book from the Ladybird Baby Touch series. A nice chunky board book that babies can sit and flick through themselves as well as read along with their parents. Each double page is dedicated to a colour and shows two animals that babies can feel for themselves, such as a ‘fluffy bird’ and a ‘soft duck’. Although it might not always be true to life (who ever heard of a green bear?) babies are encouraged to interact with the book to stimulate the senses.


Guess How Much I Love You

Author: Sam McBratney, Anita JeramPages: 32Publisher: Candlewick Pressthumbnail


Halfway through this best baby books list comes a heart warming story about the love between a daddy and baby hare, this book is guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of parents everywhere. The wording is simple and the sentiment is clear so little ones can follow the story and the captivating illustrations and listen to the rhythm of the words. Perfect bedtime reading and would make a lovely, thoughtful gift for friends or relatives.


The Monkey Puzzle

Author: Julia Donaldson, Axel SchefflerPages: 32Publisher: Macmillan Children's Booksthumbnail


When little monkey loses his mum he needs the help of a butterfly to find her again, but the butterfly doesn’t quite understand what they are looking for at first and leads him to lots of different animals before they are happily reunited again. The vivid colours and cartoonish illustrations bring the story to life and the rhyming verses will keep children engaged throughout.


Is This My Nose?

Author: Georgie BirkettPages: 12Publisher: Barron's Educational Seriesthumbnail


This book is a fantastic way to teach your baby new words and to recognise the different features on his or her face. Each page shows a picture of a child or an animal pointing to his nose, mouth or chin and your baby is encouraged to do the same. Although it might seem a bit repetitive to the adults, babies will love learning the words by heart and looking at themselves in the mirror on the last page will never fail to fascinate!


Noisy Farm

Author: Rod CampbellPages: 18Publisher: Campbell Books Ltdthumbnail


Another wonderful board book by the author of Dear Zoo, Noisy Farm follows the farmer’s sheepdog as he discovers the different farm animals and the noises they make. There is a surprise hidden under the flaps on each page and babies will love learning listening to and copying the oinks and quacks. Guaranteed to get your little one giggling again and again.


The Baby's Catalogue

Author: Janet Ahlberg, Allan AhlbergPages: 32Publisher: Puffinthumbnail

Sometimes the simplest concepts really are the most effective and Janet and Allan Ahlberg know exactly how to appeal to parents and babies alike. This book has the delightfully old-fashioned look that is particular to the Ahlbergs and consists mainly of beautiful, quaint illustrations which are grouped by theme. There isn’t a story to follow but you will never run out of things to talk about or describe to your baby and there are plenty of recognisable situations for you  to make up stories about together. It really is possible to spend hours and hours looking through the pictures without getting bored and would be perfect to entertain the kiddies on long journeys. This is a definite classic and worthy winner of this best baby books list that will continue to stand the test of time.

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  1. Cycloned

    Peppa pig books are really good as well. Babies love the bright colours and animals!